The Perfect Spring Outfit

Spring is officially in full swing and the warmer weather means lots of more ways to experiment with fashion. This outfit is probably one of the cutest outfits for spring of all time! It feels fancy, and romantic but at the same time it’s not fussy or overdone. The simple pieces work together to make this perfect outfit for almost any occasion. Lets break this outfit down and see what makes it so special.

The top consists of a long sleeved striped shirt. A striped shirt is one of those pieces that never goes out of style. Its clean lines and elegant look make it a must have in any girl’s closet. The striped shirt pictured in this picture is even more special because of its cropped length. The shorter length definitely makes it more playful and unique than your average striped shirt. But don’t worry, if you’re not too keen on rocking a crop top you can always find a regular striped shirt that covers your stomach for an almost identical look!

The tulle skirt is definitely what makes this skirt stand out from the other outfits you see everyday. Not only is the skirt whimsical, it’s gorgeous stark white color and midi length make it so fun and stylish! The tulle material makes the skirt seem very princess like but the simple and elegant striped shirt balances out the combination and keeps the outfit from being over the top!

Strappy, rose gold shoes finish off this look and give the outfit the perfect balance of being dressy without being over the top. A pair of pumps would also be fantastic with this outfit. Keep the accessories to a minimum and include some dainty gold rings and bracelets to finish off this look!

Picture: pinterest. com

Natasha Shah


  1. just saw a dress like this in Macy’s…maybe just a little less puffy. Cost over $800 lol

  2. This outfit looks outstanding. Classy and cute. I’ll try creating this outfit with my own style.

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