Taylor Swift: A Fashion Icon

With a heart of gold, a body to kill for, and amazing music skills, it’s hard not to love Taylor Swift. This sweet singer has been making waves in the entertainment industry not just because of her mind blowing singing and song writing skills, but because of her amazing style as well. When it comes Taylor, she is one of the most approachable people in Hollywood, not just though her personality but with her fashion sense. With millions of dollars to spend on clothes, no one would blame her if she decided to dress in designer clothes everyday. However, one of the things that makes her most lovable to her fans everywhere is that her style is down to earth and easy to emulate. By relying on a few staples, Taylor Swift’s look is one that can be easily recreated by all of us girls!

To start of with you will need some great skinny jeans. Taylor Swift has amazing legs and skinny jeans are one of the best ways to show them off. Skinny jeans are flattering on almost any girl and they are a must have in every closet. Taylor wears skinny jeans in a range of colors, from regular blue, to olive green, to red, to pink and any color in between! Not only are these jeans incredibly easy to throw on with just about anything, they will look very classy and stylish!

Next up on Taylor’s fashion must have are cute sweaters and t-shirts. Taylor’s style is very classic and she relies on a few great pieces to form a number of looks. You can frequently see her out and out in Parisian inspired striped tee shirts both short and long sleeved. She also has a number of cute thin sweaters that can be worn under warm pea coats in the winter and on their own in the fall and spring. Taylor’s a sucker for anything cutesy looking so if you find a sweater with a penguin on it that you absolutely love, don’t be afraid to pick it up! One of the best things we can learn from her style is to embrace your taste no matter how quirky it may be. Go with your heart and you will always look great!

The third staple in Taylor’s wardrobes are dresses! Taylor is one of those girls who loves dresses as much as she loves her jeans. Even when it’s freezing cold outside she can be seen out in fun dresses with warm sweater tights underneath! Her choice in dresses ranges from anything to uniform inspired plaid, all the way to fun floral prints for the spring and summer! Make sure you incorporate lots of dresses and tights into your wardrobe if you aspire to dress like her!

While these few suggestions will certainly have you on your way to attaining Taylor’s look, you can certainly find more ways to emulate her style just by doing a quick search online!

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Natasha Shah


  1. Taylor has such amazing legs. No surprise why she loves wearing skinny jeans. Nonetheless, I still prefer my thick legs. After all being thick has so many advantages 😉

  2. I love Taylor Swift! <3 she really is the perfect role model.. everything about her speaks of perfection

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