Sensational All White Outfit

Wow did this look have us taking a second glance! One trend we are in love with is the all white look. White is a gorgeous color that really stands out on its own. Celebrities and fashionistas have been playing around with this style and it couldn’t look more amazing. Something about white on white is just so elegant and chic, yet also glamorous. This is definitely one trend you should get on the bandwagon with. The main color being used is white so it doesn’t take much effort to come up with your own unique look, but we’re here to show you one white on white ensemble we couldn’t resist writing about. Doesn’t this look have you in awe?

The pieces used are extremely chic and stylish and we are in love. The outfit starts itself off with an all white crop top. The crop top reveals a slight amount of the models toned tummy and we love the little peek of skin. When it comes to recreating this outfit it doesn’t really matter what crop top you use as long as it happens to be white. You can buy an all white crop top at Boohoo for $10 dollars. For bottoms the model wore a pair of white high waisted pants. The pants are gorgeous and extremely flattering. They reach just above the ankle and aren’t too skin tight. They look beautiful against the models skin and are the perfect high waisted pants for this look.

White is a beautiful spring and summer color and looks amazing on all skin colors and types. It creates such a beautifully sophisticated feel and is perfect for a date or going on a shopping trip. To find a pair of white high waisted pants like this stylish pair the model is wearing hop on to ASOS.com or American Apparel and purchase yourself a pair. They will blend beautifully with everything throughout your wardrobe and are also great to recreate an all white look of your own. On top of the crop top was a loose fitted white blazer. This blazer gives us such an 80’s feel and we absolutely adore it. It meshes well with the outfit and gives it such a city chic essence. The blazer was definitely a well-made decision to put onto this outfit. A pair of all white shoes were needed to complete this all white classy ensemble. Don’t be afraid to add a striking pop of color onto your lip like this model had done! Have fun playing around creating your unique all white look.

Charlotte Heng


  1. Im not a big fan of all white outfits but I think this is actually a great spring look–I approve

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