Plaid Scarf Madness

The infatuation we have with the ensemble photographed here just isn’t right (but we don’t care!). Not only does this feel extremely work appropriate but it spices up the everyday business pants and button down. You can still look cute at work while feeling empowering throughout the day. The outfit has this edgy yet sophisticated feel to it that will have you looking like a model. Mid-length skirts are one of our absolute favorite go-to’s when it comes to wanting to look acceptable at work while still retaining a classy and elegant vibe. They’re so flattering to your figure and just make you feel gorgeous all day long.

We love this navy blue skirt seen throughout the look. The lace detailing toward the end of the skirt adds such a unique flair. Of course helping create the edge into this outfit is that fitted leather jacket. We can’t stress enough how versatile a leather jacket is. If you already own one that’s great, if not, you really need to get one ASAP. Just look how amazing this leather jacket looks on this ensemble. It truly does help make a huge difference when it comes to your outfit and can turn any bland outfit into something well polished and chic. The leather jacket isn’t the only thing catching our attention when it comes to this look.

The plaid scarf is absolutely perfect for fall time. Giving the outfit spunk, we love how the model had incorporated it into her look. Instead of choosing to stick with warmer tones the model had popped in a beautifully plaid scarf to give her outfit just a dash of color. We love the contrast between the midnight blue skirt and plaid scarf, they work so well together creating a trendy outfit along with an amazing way to keep warm. Of course whether or not you choose to wear a pair of heels when recreating this outfit is completely up to you. Keeping her already stunner outfit more comfy the model had decided on a pair of black flats. If you have a long day at the office a pair of flats might best well be suited for you. Just throw on your favorite pair of shades and your stylish spring work look is complete.

Taylor Nikaci


  1. Im so glad you said this was work appropriate! 🙂 I would love to wear something like this to work

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