Parisian Styled Fashion

Ooh la la, so couture! This outfit is just dripping with Parisian chic and bold pops of color, our favorite! Whenever we find that one picture-perfect ensemble we just have to write about it. This look is striking and so elegantly chic. The outfit looks as though it could be worn during Fashion Week. From the different patterning and blending of styles, we have to literally pry our eyes away to stop staring at the screen. Definitely one of many that is on our list of outfits to look into. The model wore a beautifully cream colored top. We love the sheer sleeves and the rumpled look the shirt features. The top is so dressy and elegant while the styling looks like it could be one of a kind. The shirt features soft pieces of fabric that frame the top providing an elegant vibe while the sheer accents spew femininity and elegance.

We believe the top is striking and a very beautiful piece to own. Tucked in perfectly the model wore a gorgeously crafted cream skirt that included bright pops of yellow. One of our many obsessions is incorporating pops of vibrant colors into many spring and summer looks so of course we went mad over this outfit. The skirt resembles notes of very high fashion, we love how beautifully and intricately designed the skirt appears. It goes very well with the shirt and the whole outfit is just one embodiment of all that is fashion! The skirt doesn’t cling too much to the skin and has a very unique design featuring a round curved bottom. We also adore how it is high waisted and just eloquent.

Adding an even more vibrant and dashing pop of color are those striking coral heels! As if the pop of color in the skirt wasn’t enough! Well, you can never go wrong with trying new things, especially if it comes out this chic. Now the model could’ve gone for a pair of cream colored or nude heels but instead added a vibrant coral into the mix and we couldn’t have agreed more. In fact her shoes seem to match her nails as well, what a sneaky match of color! Simply accessorizing this look with a bead encrusted purse that had a gorgeous array of colors and an elegant silver ring. Completing this ensemble the model carried a beautiful cream-colored jacket and we couldn’t love this outfit anymore than we already do.

Taylor Nikaci


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