Our Top 3 Favorite Fashion Blogs

When it comes to fashion inspiration there’s nothing that can top a fashion blog. Scrolling through literally hundreds of outfit pictures of trendy, well put together, and stylish outfits is all the inspiration you need. We thought we would share our list of our favorite fashion bloggers with you in case you needed some motivation for styling new looks! These fashion bloggers have made a huge name for themselves in the industry. Not only are they creating incredible looks and amassing thousands of followers, they’re also turning their blogs into huge businesses. While all of their looks might not be suited to your own personal style, it’s browsing their blogs is a great way to get some much needed fashion ideas. Without further ado here’s our list

1. Atlantic-Pacific

When it comes to bloggers with a killer sense of fashion, there’s no one else out there like Blair Eedy of Atlantic-Pacific. She’s one of the most revered fashion bloggers out there. Her amazing sense of style partly comes from her ability to mix and match high and low end pieces in her closet and her fearlessness when it comes to fashion. With her supermodel good looks and her incredible sense of fashion, there’s no where else we’d rather go when we’re in need of some fashion inspiration.

2. Sincerely Jules

When it comes to the laid back aesthetic, no one has it down like Jules. She travels the world in her relaxed yet incredibly stylish outfits. Her designer hand bag collection is to die for. She has every brand of designer shoes and bags you could possibly imagine but she’s not afraid to mix them up with more affordable pieces as well. She pulls of the casually chic vibe like no other.

3. Pink Peonies

When it comes to girly outfits there’s no one who styles them quite as well as Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies. As her name suggests her outfits include lots of pinks but they’re still subtle and not overpowering. We love the fact that she wears casual clothes just as well as formal clothes. Her collection of skirts and dresses can cause envy in even the most casual dresser!

Picture: byrdie.com

Natasha Shah

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