Neon Colored Pairing

This outfit definitely has a large appeal to it. We love the bright neon’s and casual look. Many aren’t as daring as to go down this fashion route but we’re feeling adventurous! Now, we would never think throughout all of our time dealing in fashion that two bold colors such as these could be combined to make such an incredibly loud and statement making outfit, and boy were we wrong!

The Internet really does spark inspiration for fellow fashionistas like us. This outfit creates quite a twist on the effortless “look” that some of the trends throughout this outfit provide. Mixing in daring with casual pieces sure created one outfit we can’t keep our eyes off of, and it’s not because the colors are too bright. Beginning with the essence of all that is casual and comfy, this fashion model wore a pair of light washed and distressed boyfriend jeans along with a loose white undershirt peeking through with a baby blue cropped long sleeved shirt on top. Obviously not wanting to continue on with her already casually chic and effortless look this model decided to be quite brave and sport some very daring color together.

Wearing a pair of neon yellow heels (that we absolutely adore btw!!!) along with a bright blue beanie and a noticeably pink pout we cant help but feel awfully cheery when glaring at this ensemble. Three beautifully bold colors that don’t cancel each other out is incredible, we cant help but feel each color is standing it’s own. See ladies, don’t ever feel afraid to sport more than a few bold colors at once, this outfit just proves that it is manageable to look good while doing so! Accessorizing with a dark pair of shaded aviators and a large shoulder bag that featured neon stitching this model couldn’t have pulled off this look any better than she already was doing so.

Charlotte Heng


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