Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Sandal

There’s only one man’s name that every girl mutters with pure glee, and that man happens to be Jeffrey Campbell. Oh, how every shoe fanatic rejoices at the sound of his name. Jeffrey always creates the most perfectly well designed shoes that have every fashion enthusiast rocking them out in almost all of their ensembles. Well ladies, seems as though he’s done it again creating the most effortlessly versatile shoe of them all, and yes, we’re talking about the well-known “Lavish Gladiator Sandal.” People are already patiently waiting for these bad boys to come back into stock, but we couldn’t resist talking about these stunners!

Imagine wearing a pair of these to a hot club opening or a girls’ night out. These shoes are the epitome of all that is spring and summer. Switching it up from the everyday gladiator sandal, Jeffrey Campbell, the mastermind that he is, decided to incorporate the gladiator into a gorgeously high-strapped heel. We’ve already seen this striking shoe take its debut on the runway and as every model posed in a pair for a magazine editorial. The styling of the shoe remains quite clean and polished and can be bought in three different colors: white, silver, and black. A shoe like this knows how to make a statement all on its own and can be worn with almost any of your summer clothing. Don’t be surprised if on your way out you get stopped multiple times by others complimenting these fashion killers, just wanting to know where you’ve purchased them.

The shoe remains comfy for something that includes a heel and will feel as though your walking on air as you continue on with your day. Imagine wearing these white beauts with an all white summer ensemble. You’ll look so fresh and classy as these little guys do all the work. Or decide to be daring and wear a pair of black knee high socks underneath these gladiator sandals. Sigh, the possibilities are endless. The versatility throughout the shoes is just ingenious, oh Jeffrey how you just slay us with your creativity and one of a kind style. Depending on where you purchase these Lavish Gladiator Sandals they can run from $75 to $125. They are definitely worth their price for the abundant amount of looks you can create around this shoe. A pair like these make us think Greek goddess, why not feel that way everyday with a stunning pair of Jeffrey Campbells, we know we’ll be on our way to purchasing one of these!

Taylor Nikaci


  1. just saw these in the 3 different colors and white has definitely got to be my fav!

  2. Must have these for all those situations u described! i pictured them perfectly!

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