Irina Shayk’s Gorgeous Ad Campaign Photo

Russian model Irina Shayk is looking as chic and sultry as ever for the Spanish Footwear Brand XTI’s Spring Summer Collection of 2014. No wonder Cristiano Ronaldo snatched up this stunning brunette beauty when he had the chance. Photographed by Juan Aldabaldetrecu, Irina was perfect to appear on this ad campaign. We love the hot business look that Irina was featured in. Irina Shayk bared her perfectly toned tummy as she wore a sleek midnight blue pencil skirt along with a long sleeved navy crop that matched her skirt perfectly. Contributing to her sultry secretary look were her pointed top large framed glasses. Of course, model Irina Shayk could pull off such a look and still manage to look pretty at the same time. As usual, she wore her signature smoky look. Irina’s bright blue eyes always stand out against her dark makeup look, just amping up the seduction even more. Her brunette locks were slightly tousled as she kept a glossy side part and a nude pout. The beautifully coral colored shoe just stand out against the warm colored tones throughout the background as Irina hung it loosely between her fingers. A brilliant way to have your shoes noticed, but we can’t help but want to stare at Irina Shayk more! Guess she does have that effect on people. From being on the cover of Sports Illustrated to starring in the 2014 movie Hercules, Irina Shayk is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s not just about beauty, but brains as well.

Volia Nikaci


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