How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was a style icon in the true sense of the word. She exuded class, poise, and grace and never came off as anything but perfect. Despite being a movie star in the 1960’s her style is so timeless that it lives on today. Even now thousands of girls and women aspire to dress like the lithe, charming actress. There are a few key things that make Audrey’s look so classic. The first is the presence of basics in her wardrobe. Whether she was at a movie premier or an awards ceremony, Audrey was never one to buy into trends. She kept it simple and classy always. From her black turtlenecks and cigarette pants to her beautiful ball gowns adorned with jewels, when looking at her pictures it’s difficult to believe they’re not from present day!

When it comes to her most iconic looks, Audrey is most remembered for her outfits in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In the movie she’s wearing a black shift dress with layered pearl necklaces and long black layered gloves. As if we needed to attest to the popularity of this look, just remember that droves of women dress up as this character on Halloween and costume parties. Part of the appeal is that the look is so easy to recreate. Audrey was a pioneer when it came to the little black dress so make sure you have one (or a couple) lying around in your closet! Most of us also have pearls and simple diamonds either real or fake. Combine the two items and you’re good to go!

While Audrey’s wardrobe wasn’t vast in variety she had an amazing set of basics that she relied on to create a number of different, fashionable looks. Try setting up your own wardrobe this way by having a stock of Parisian style boat neck shirts, black cigarette pants that fit well, a few white blouses that can be dressed up and down, and a few pairs of ballet flats that are cute and comfortable!

Remember to keep the makeup to the minimum and focus on your eyes! Audrey was famous for her doe eyes. While her unattainable big brown eyes were the envy of all women, you can create a similar look by lining the tops and bottoms of your eyes with a brown or black eyeliner that’s slightly smudged. We hope these tips help you channel Audrey’s classic looks! Let us know what other fashion icons you look up to in the comments section below!

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Natasha Shah

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