How to Channel Blair Waldorf in your Wardrobe

Gossip Girl was one of the most iconic television shows of our time for a number of reasons, the drama, the New York City backdrop, the great looking cast. However, one thing made this show stand out from any other on television and that was the incredible clothes the actors wore. And arguably no character was better dressed on the show than the iconic Blair Waldorf.

Whenever Blair was on the screen not a second passed by that the viewer wasn’t staring with their jaw wide open at the incredible outfit she was wearing. Her dresses, her coordinated accessories, her perfectly quaffed hair all combined to create the most exquisite looks television has ever seen.

While girls around the world scoured department stores to find pieces that resembled those worn by Blair, Leighton Meister, the actress who played her talked about how cumbersome it was to be so dressed up on set all the time. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to create her looks too! Here’s how you can dress and look like Blair.


  1. Dresses and skirts

Blair famously never wore pants. She was always wearing a dress or skirt even for the most casual of occasions. Not only did this make her look polished and put together all of the time, it created an aura of elegance and femininity. Blair had dresses that were perfect for any weather. From wool dresses and skirts paired with beautiful tights to fun and flirty sun dresses in the summer, Blair always knew how to rock a dress. Stock up on lots of dresses and skirts to emulate her look at home.


  1. Invest in Quality Clothing

Part of the reason Blair Waldorf looked incredible all of the time was because she was always wearing designer clothing. From Chanel to Dior, there wasn’t a high end brand that couldn’t be found in Blair’s closet. While it’s highly unrealistic for any normal person to own a closet full of designer clothes you can choose to spend wisely on clothes. Instead of picking up inexpensive items frequently, save your money and invest it in high quality pieces that will last you for many years. It’s wise to invest in classic pieces  that won’t go out of style like coats, shift dresses, and handbags.


  1. Confidence

While Blair is certainly a fashion icon, she wouldn’t have been able to pull of many of her looks had it not been for the confidence she wore them with. Even when wearing eccentric or over the top items she wore them with confidence which automatically made them look good. Channel the same confidence into your wardrobe and you’ll be sure to look and feel better in your clothes instantly.


Picture: literallydarling.com

Taylor Nikaci

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