Georgina May Jagger: The New Face of Mulberry

Burberry has released its new summer campaign with Georgina May Jagger as the new face of the brand. Not only is Georgina’s face gorgeous enough to stop anyone in their tracks, the gorgeous settings of the photos evoke the most wonderful fantasies of the English Countryside in the summer months. In this photo, Georgina’s hair is styled in soft and lovely loose curls. The medium length of her hair and the dark blond shade are the perfect compliment to the style. Her makeup is simple but still makes a huge impact. Her stunning grey-blue eyes are lined with a smudgy black eyeliner. Her lips are coated in a soft shade of pink and her skin is dewy with minimal blush.

Georgina is wearing a light blue colored t-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. The main focus of the whole look is on the Mulberry backpack which is the perfect shape and size for summer. What gives this photograph its stand out quality is the whimsical details, most importantly the flowers that are sticking out of the back pocket of the jeans and the blue bicycle. The flowers are the most perfect shade of purple and pink and they complement the light blue shade of her shirt so well. The huge vase of flowers in the background is another great touch. The bike is so unexpected in this shot and that’s what it makes it so perfect. It definitely makes the picture stand out from other ad campaigns.

With these gorgeous shots, its easy to see why Mulberry is known for their unique and eye-catching advertisements.

picture: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk


Natasha Shah

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  1. The backpack looks very classy. i Wonder how much that thing cost, probably a fortune ;(

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