Famous Polish Dishes for Every Palate

What comes to mind when you think about Polish food? Perhaps hearty meat dishes, sausages and baked goods. Mushrooms, sour cream, beets, cucumber, pickles, sauerkraut, marjoram, caraway and dill are found in most Polish kitchens, and there are plenty of amazing Polish dishes you should try, either by visiting a Polish restaurant or making the dishes yourself.

Pierogi are Polish dumplings made by filling rolled-out dough with meat, mushrooms and sauerkraut, sweet cottage cheese, potatoes and onions, or alternatively with seasonal fruit. They are especially popular at Christmas. Polish pancakes, or Polskie nalesniki, are thin and they are served with cheese, jam, powdered sugar, fruit, or vegetables or meat. Chicken broth or soup is well-loved in Poland, and is a tasty option for after church on a chilly Sunday. To make it, you need to add chicken, onion, leek, onion, cabbage, celery and parsley to a pot of water, and let it cook for a while to blend all the flavors, then add homemade pasta noodles and give it a few more minutes on the stove.

Some Traditional Delicacies

One of the oldest, most traditional Polish meals is kotlet schabowy, a breaded pork cutlet, which is usually served with potatoes and a cabbage salad. You can make this with chicken instead of pork if you prefer. Pork is very popular in this cuisine though, and it is sometimes cooked with cabbage, homemade pasta noodles, onions and carrot to make a tasty stew.

Cabbage also features in many dishes, such as cabbage rolls, which are made by wrapping cabbage leaves around ground pork, rice, mushrooms and onion. Sometimes mutton or chicken are used instead of pork. Meat and cabbage can also be teamed with dried mushrooms, prunes, onions, sausages and spices to make hunter’s stew, a very warming dish.

Other Tasty Dishes from Poland

If you are in the mood for fish instead, consider herring. This fish is traditionally served with sour cream and pickled onions, or sometimes with oil and garlic. Polish borscht is a soup made with red beets, onions, garlic, celery and carrots. Meat or bacon may or may not feature in the dish, and there are also vegetarian variations.

If you want something quick, easy and comforting, what about Polish hot dogs? These boast kielbasa or a pork and beef hot dog (with more meat than binder, and usually good quality meat too) and they are sometimes served with cheese. Polish hot dogs are often bigger than standard American hot dogs! For dessert, consider Polish croissant cookies which are made with yeast or puff pastry and filled with jam, or chrusciki, which are light, airy pastries.

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