Ed Sheeran’s Sensational Shoot

Ed Sheeran is becoming quite the sensation. He has won multiple awards for his outstanding music and nominated for a Grammy in 2014. Not only is Ed an absolute lyrical genius, but also has an amazing sense of humor and wit, that is why we couldn’t get enough of Ed Sheeran’s photo-shoot with Billboard Magazine. Of course since it is Ed, we expected nothing more but an absolutely adorable photo shoot. Leaving behind the typical suit and tie, Ed Sheeran went with his own personal style and took some amazing shots. We adore the cover of the mouth including Ed’s sweater, keeping his background quite dark while the lighting just glows up his face. Of course that trademark ginger hair made its debut into the shot while his blue eyes popped amongst his face. Telling Billboard magazine when it comes to his red hair he always has a sense of humor for it. For such a big artist Ed Sheeran still remains amazingly down to earth and genuinely appreciative. Boy, have things changed since Ed had been voted one of celebrities worst dressed, psh, they should be eating their words! Although Ed has achieved already so much in his 23 years of life he stills wants to do more. We believe Ed Sheeran is already a rising star that can accomplishment anything he sets his mind to!

Taylor Nikaci


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