Best Apps for Editing Your Photos

Let’s face it, we all love using social media no matter how much we deny it. There’s something addicting about being able to snap a picture any time we want to with our smartphones and  posting it immediately for the world to see. With all of the options that are available nowadays for editing our pictures, it can be difficult to decide which apps are worth downloading and which are worth passing up. Because editing has such a huge impact on how our pictures look, it’s important to have the right tools available to us. Here are OnlineChic, here are the apps we swear by.

The Instagram Tools

This isn’t even technically an app per say but the tools that Instagram includes for editing inside their app are amazing. You don’t even need to download anything extra other than Instagram. These tools are beyond compare to anything you’ll find elsewhere even on paid apps. And just to clarify, we’re not talking about the filters. These tools do just more than filtering your picture. They allow you to adjust the brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast, and warmth of your picture just to name a few things. They also allow you to straighten your picture and to use a tilt shift effect which allows you to highlight one portion of your picture. Make sure you give these tools a try next time you’re about to post a picture.


VSCOcam has some great alternatives to Instagram filters. The filters are definitely a lot more prominent than most Instagram filters. They also give a slightly moodier touch to your pictures than most Instagram filters. This is definitely an app to try for those who are adventurous with the tones and colors of their pictures! The best part is that almost all of the filters are free so there’s no harm in trying them!


This app is incredibly popular and there’s good reason why. It offers an insane number of options for editing your pictures. You can add text, you can add Polaroid frames to your pictures, you can adjust the tones of your pictures and play around with different frames just to name a few of the options. While this app does cost $1.99 it’s definitely worth it for the options it comes with!

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