5 Fantasticlly Fun Ways to Relax at Home

Whether it’s school, work, or relationships, most girls find themselves in a constant state of stress about something or another. Stress can take a toll on our mood, skin, and mental health. While having a certain amount of stress keeps us motivated, it’s important to sit back and relax every now and then. Here’ are a few things we do to relax when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

1) Light some candles

While it might not seem like it makes a big difference, lighting candles will automatically put you in a relaxed mood. Find a few candles with aromas that you love. Light them in your room, next to your bathtub or on your dinner table whenever you feel the need to relax. The candlelight will automatically make your surroundings look better and the sweet scent of the candles will instantly put you in a good mood. Aroma therapy is a real thing and lighting candles is one of the few, easy ways to carry out this technique at home.

2) Keep a Journal

If you were like most girls, you probably kept a journal when you were a teenager or in elementary school. Journals have been going out of style in favor of smartphones and blogs but nothing can replace the feeling of sitting down and writing everything that’s on your mind. Your journal is just for your eyes so you can literally write whatever you’re feeling without worrying about what others will think. It’s so therapeutic and after seeing how much better you feel after writing, you’ll thank yourself for doing it.

3) Take a bath

Taking a bath is one of the ultimate ways to relax. The warm soothing water is sure to melt way any stress you’re feeling. Light some candles, throw in some scented bubble bath and don’t forget the chocolate. A bath is guaranteed to make you forget about the stress of your life.

4) Paint your nails

Painting your nails is one of the most fun and carefree things a girl can do. From picking out the color to applying the polish and seeing the end results, painting your nails is a fun process from beginning to end. It’ll take your mind off whatever is stressing you out. Put on your favorite music or TV show while you’re painting your nails to make the experience even more fun!

5) Take a nap

When all else fails and you can’t get your mind off whatever is stressing you out, take a short nap. Even if you’re very busy you can always find 20 minutes to spare from whatever you’re doing. A nap will instantly make you feel relaxed when you wake up and you’re likely to be less hung up on whatever was bothering you before you went to sleep. Never underestimate the power of a little shut eye!

What do you do to relax at home when you’re feeling stressed? Make sure to let us know below in the comments!

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Natasha Shah


  1. When I’m not working I sit on my butt on the couch and watch T.V and that’s how I relax 🙂

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