4 Scrumptious Summer Salad Combinations to Try

It’s scientifically proven that in the summer time people are more likely to eat less and to crave lighter foods. That actually works out pretty well consider that summer is the season for flaunting our bodies whether it’s on the beach or at the pool. While heavy dishes like pastas and pizzas don’t sound very appetizing in the summer, there’s a perfectly delicious light alternative: salads. Salads are the perfect food for the summer months. In the summer there’s a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t normally available during the other parts of the year. Why not take advantage of them and whip up a healthy, delicious, and appetizing salad for dinner or lunch everyday this summer. Not only will your body thank you, your taste buds will too! Here are 3 salad ideas and combinations that we love for the summer months.

1. Watermelon, feta

Watermelon feta salad has been taking the culinary world by storm these past few summers. The amazing flavors of this salad make it one of the best options for a summer picnic or barbecue. You can make this salad easily by cutting up fresh squares of watermelon which are season, and adding red onions, feta cheese, olive oil, baby spinach leaves or anything else that appeals to you!

2. Grilled Salad

Salad doesn’t have to be all about raw veggies and fruits. During the summer the grill is always out so take advantage of that fact and make a salad filled with grilled and raw veggies. You can grill eggplant, squash, bell peppers, and mushrooms for an insanely delicious salad. Add in some olive oil and sea salt and you won’t be able to tear yourself away from this meal!

3. Fruit salad

When it comes to summer there’s no better season for fruit. There are dozens of fresh fruits available like berries, peaches and mangoes. Cut them up into squares and mix together for a satisfying summer salad! Top them with a hint of lemon or lime juice for an added punch of flavor.

4. Strawberry, Spinach Salad

You’ll love this combination of savory spinach and sweet strawberries. Top it with a sweet vinaigrette and you’re good to go!


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Natasha Shah

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