4 Fun and Easy at Home Workouts

We’ve all had those days where we feel too lazy to drag ourselves to the gym. Instead of feeling guilty, there are a number of fun and easy ways you can compensate for not working out at the gym. Here are our favorite fun ways to workout at home!

1) Dance it out

Did you know that dancing can burn a huge number calories? There are always certain songs that make us want to get up and dance whenever we hear them (we’re talking about Shake it Off, of course!). Make a playlist of songs that get you in the mood to dance and turn on them on whenever you’re in need of a workout. Dance it out in your room, in your living, in your kitchen, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Have fun and don’t be afraid to get silly. Try dancing for at least 5 – 10 minutes, it shouldn’t be hard! Not only will you get a huge surge of energy, you’ll feel fun and energized! Dancing, and exercise in general releases endorphins which are natural hormones that make you happy so always find an excuse to move your body!

2) The Triple 5

We call this workout the Triple 5 because it requires you to do three different exercises for 5 minutes each. You can pick any exercises you like but we recommend, crunches, push-ups, and jumping jacks because they have a lot of impact. Do each exercise for 5 minutes. At the end you’ll have worked out for a solid 15 minutes and because you’re dividing your time between three different exercises you won’t even notice how quickly the time has flown by!

3) Go for a walk

This might seem like a no brainer but going for a walk is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your body. Not only does it not require a lot of effort, it can be exactly the thing you need to put you in a relaxed mindset after a hectic day at work or school. Try going for a walk in a scenic location like by a river or lake to reconnect with nature if you can. If not, there’s always your neighborhood block! Taking a walk is the perfect alternative to working out on days where you don’t have enough energy to go to the gym but still want to do something active!

4) Put on an Exercise Video

If you need a bit of motivation or a push to work out, just throw on an exercise video. It’s so easy to find great workout videos all over the internet. You can find any kind of exercise you want from yoga to cardio to zumba. Invite a couple of your friends over and have a workout night! You’ll have fun and watching other people working out around either on the screen or with you in person will motivate you to go further!

What workouts do you do on days when you’re feeling lazy or skip the gym? Let us know how you stay shape in the comments section!

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Natasha Shah

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