3 Must Have Tips For Sticking to your Diet

All of us girls who have ever been on a diet know how difficult it can be to stick to it once the initial push of motivation has worn off. While the first few days of a diet are always the easiest because it’s still new after a while it becomes harder and harder to resist those chips or that piece of cake. In order to combat the drop in motivation that subsequently follows a diet here are a few tips to make sure that you can maintain your healthy eating habits for as long as you want!

1) Make a collage of inspirational images

This tip is one of the best tricks to help you stick to your diet. Curate a collage of images that you find inspirational. Since we’re speaking in the context of a diet it’s best to have pictures of celebrities and friends whose bodies you admire. Keep these pictures on a bulletin board in your room. They’ll serve as a constant reminder of why you’re dieting in the first place. Anytime you’re feeling down about your diet or your exercise routine take a look at those pictures. They’ll inspire you and make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

2) Make your diet reasonable

One of the biggest reasons why people find it difficult to maintain their diets is because their diets are too stringent. You can’t go from eating three filling meals a day to eating nothing but salad. Gradually ease yourself into your new eating routine. Start by cutting out excessive desserts or snacks that you don’t need. When you feel like you’re ready begin substituting one regular meal with a salad or a large fruit smoothie. This way your diet will feel much less drastic and it will be much easier to stick to.

3) Have a motivational item of clothing in your closet

This goes along with the first tip; have a piece of clothing in your closet that you love but can’t fit in to. Make that piece of clothing your inspiration. Have it somewhere where you can see it constantly. It will be another reminder as to why you are dieting. And remember, you don’t want it to be excessively different from the size your wear. Have something that’s one or two sizes below what you wear so that you’re setting a reasonable and achievable goal for yourself.

Natasha Shah

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