Stunning Red Maxi Dress

Talk about the perfect spring outfit right here! If this look doesn’t have you in pure awe then we don’t know what will! Wow this ensemble would be stunning for a gorgeous spring night or an evening with your special someone. The outfit is cheery and just plain stunning. The look was extremely well put together, but it can definitely be easily recreated with the right pieces. If you’re as in love with this spring outfit as we are then continue reading on because we’re going to break this outfit down piece by piece.

What really stands out about this outfit is the striking maxi dress featured on this lovely young lady. The top portion of the dress is a simple cream color while toward the bottom the dress become a stunning bright red. Red is known to be one of the most eye catching and sultry colors, so any time we can incorporate red into our look we take it! The maxi dress has a tan like belt piece separating the two colors. Whether this piece is apart of the dress or not, a belt can be the perfect accessory to place onto your outfit to highlight and emphasize your waist. Maxi dresses are a spring essential and can be worn whether you’re going to an event or a casual spring party. Be sure to purchase a few of these simple stunners to own in your wardrobe. Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Delia’s all carry amazing maxi dresses for such affordable prices!

If you’re looking for that perfect dress consider purchasing a maxi dress! The length in maxi dresses are great at concealing your shoes, so if you opt for a pair of sky high heels people will never know that it isn’t your true height. Your legs will go on for miles and miles and you’ll steal the spotlight at every event! What kept the casualness throughout this outfit was the fitted cropped denim jacket. The jacket played its part in keeping the outfit looking like more of an everyday look. For a backyard BBQ the jacket is perfect in providing a not too dressed up look, or for a night when the weather is being just so unpredictable. As for accessories, a beautifully colored coral beaded necklace hung low on the models neck while she held onto a stitched floral designed clutch. So cute!

Volia Nikaci


  1. f21 has a bunch of pretty maxis and cheap denim jackets i might need to stop by!!

  2. I have the perfect clutch that would look so cute with an outfit like this 🙂 😮

  3. OMG i luv maxi dresses they make me feel so pretty 🙂 love this red one alot 😀

  4. I would love to wear an outfit like this for me and my bfs anniversary 🙂 <3

  5. such a cute outfit i really like that she wore that denim jacket with it 🙂

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