Infused Waters

Water is probably the best thing we can put in our bodies but sometimes it can also become the thing we neglect the most. With smoothies, juices, and sugary drinks as alternatives it can be easy to skip the water and grab something else instead. However, it’s crucial that we stop overlooking the importance of water for out internal and external health. Water not only flushes out toxins from our systems, it keeps our skin glowing, it burns fat, and it gives you energy. Water is a main component that makes up our bodies and it important that we replenish it at every opportunity.

The main reason that most people don’t like drinking water is because it can be very bland. If you’re not in a habit of constantly drinking water it can be hard to begin but there’s an easy trick that will having you drinking liters of water in no time! Because water has no taste of its own it’s so easy to infuse it with delicious fruits and herbs in order to give it a sweet and delicious taste! Infusing your water will make you feel like you’re drinking the tastiest juice but there won’t be any artificial coloring, sugar, or additives going into your body which is a major plus! (Not to mention its ridiculously beautiful to look at!)

Here are three easy ways you can infuse your water:

1. Watermelon + Mint

This combination is perfect for summer! Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of watermelon? It’s flavor evokes memories of warm nights, days at the beach, and barbeques. Cut up small chucks of watermelon and add it into your water bottle, jug, or mason jar. Throw in a handful of mint leaves and you have the perfect drink to sip on all day. Make sure with any of these infused waters that you leave the ingredients in for at least an hour before drinking the water so that the flavor has time to set into the water.

2. Citrus Delight

Add in slices of orange, lemon, lime and any other citrus fruit into your water for a tangy and delicious treat. Citrus fruit is not only delicious and good for you, it also helps to burn fat. This is the perfect drink to take along with you to the gym or when you’re going on a run!

3. Cucumber + Lemon + Mint

These flavors will combine to make you feel like you’re drinking the most refreshing lemonade. All of these three ingredients are known to be amazing for your skin so this is a great drink for anyone who’s looking to alleviate acne or redness.

With infused water, you can mix together any combination of ingredients that you want. These are just suggestions! Have fun with your choices and be sure to let us know how they turn out!

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Natasha Shah

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