Cheryl Cole’s Jungle Woman Calendar

Cheryl Cole is one of UK’s hottest babes, and we can most definitely see why. From her incredible voice, to being one of the X Factor’s most popular judges, people just can’t seem to get enough of this brunette beauty. Posing for the release of her 2014 calendar, Cheryl Cole looked absolutely stunning. We love the “jungle women” esque feel of the photo from the uniquely made trees to the plants surrounding her. Her skin looked absolutely bronzed to perfection as she wore a small bead bedazzled leotard. Also, how could we not talk about that gorgeous red pout she’s sporting?! Cheryl’s makeup looks beautifully done as she’s rocking a slightly winged look while that teased curled hair is to die for! The lighting hits her legs and face giving it an iridescent glow while her pose is on point. Cheryl’s legs seem to go on for miles and are looking perfectly toned. Cheryl Cole isn’t only widely known for her beauty and killer vocals, but for her brains as well! Cheryl is a very intelligent and sweet person who really stands out when compared to Simon Cowell’s more upfront and honest demeanor. Just glancing upon Cheryl makes us so envious of her tanned glow, and of course, of her incredible body. Coming back to X Factor 2014 we’re excited to see Cheryl Cole on our TV’s yet again judging for one of Britain’s largest shows. We wish this stunner all the luck!

Volia Nikaci


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