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How to Make Torta Pasqualina


This dish is a savory tart coming from Ligury, and its name means “Easter tart”, probably because it is made with chard, that can sometimes be harvested already in April ...

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Cuculli with potatoes from Genoa


Genoese cooking is plenty of tasty appetizers and finger food, invented long before the modern trend of “aperitivo” – indeed, if you happen to have an “aperitivo” (which is a ...

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How to Poach Fish Like a Pro


Fish can be cooked in many ways, and grilling, broiling, steaming, roasting and frying are just some of the methods to choose from. Poaching fish is a popular alternative, and ...

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How to Make Malloreddus From Scratch


When we think about Sardinia, the wonderful Italian island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, we think about Caribbean-like beaches, high society and lush marine landscapes. It’s all true, but ...

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