Angelina Jolie on Elle’s Cover

Angelina Jolie is looking absolutely stunning on Elle’s February 2015 cover. They couldn’t have chosen a more powerful woman than Ms. Angelina Jolie herself. Angelina has been considered multiple times to be one of the most beautiful women out there and we definitely couldn’t agree more. I mean, c’mon, have you seen her? No wonder Brad Pitt loves this brunette beauty. Recently having just gotten married Angelina is looking as beautiful as ever. Keeping Angelina’s shoot in all black and white contributed to her very classy and sleek vibe, which is all what Angelina’s about. We adore the slick blacked hair on her. It brings out her beautiful facial features, especially those to die for cheekbones. Angelina Jolie isn’t in need of a lot of makeup, her natural beauty is seen throughout this photo, and we couldn’t be more envious! The leather black skirt is so edgy and chic while her black button up is so classy and put together. What an amazing combination, definitely something we can imagine putting together for work. We appreciate the concentration on just Angelina Jolie herself and nothing throughout the background that could take away from that. A lot of photographers have been using the all black and white approach and we feel as though it can really help achieve a more sophisticated and more serious shoot. Angelina Jolie pulls it of effortlessly, as she does with everything she may do, and this has to be one of our favorite shoots featuring Angelina.

Taylor Nikaci


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