4 of our Favorite Fresh Summer Foods

When it comes to fresh produce there’s hardly any season that’s better than summer. With an abundance of the most delicious fruits and vegetables you can imagine, summer is paradise for lovers of fruits and vegetables. The warm temperatures of summer give way to a variety of produce that’s fresh and delicious. And while you might be able to get some of the things on this list year round, they’re bound to taste better when they’re in season. Here are four fresh fruits and veggies we love for summer.

1) Berries
When it comes to fruits one of our favorites has to be berries. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, you name it. Not only are berries delicious, they’re incredibly good for you. Berries contain a huge amount of antioxidants that flush out toxins from the inside of your body. They keep your skin glowing and they can even prevent diseases. The best part is, they’re so easy to incorporate into your diet. Throw a handful into your morning cereal or yogurt. You can blend them into a delicious smoothie, and you can even freeze them so that they’re always on hand. Since they’re always on sale during the summer because they’re in peak season, stock up and eat as many as possible.
2) Watermelon

Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon. This cool, watery, and sweet delicious fruit is another one of our favorites. When the weather is hot nothing sounds better than a cool slice of watermelon to cool you down. The high water content keeps you hydrated and the delicious taste is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Watermelon also contains a huge amount of fiber making it a great way to keep your metabolism and digestion in top shape.

3) Melons

Melons are another fruit that’s synonymous with summer. While they might be available year round they certainly taste their best during the hot summer months. Melons, like berries are light, delicious and satisfying especially when the temperatures are hot. They can easily be blended into smoothies and eaten on their own as a delicious snack.

4) Avocados

Finding ripe avocados is always a tricky game but you’re more likely to hit the jackpot in the summer. Avocados ripen better during the hot summer months and they’re more likely to be soft and delicious if you buy them now then any other time in the year. Take advantage of this fact and eat plenty of these nutrient rich power houses before the season ends!

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Natasha Shah

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