3 Ways to Tell You’re Finally Motivated to Lose Weight: A Self-Quiz

When your favorite pair of skinny jeans or business suit doesn’t fit the way it used to, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that it’s probably time to go on a diet. But we’ll let you in on a weight loss secret: you aren’t going to lose an ounce until you are motivated to doing so. Do you know if you are? Take our self-quiz and see if now is the right time to diet.


You attend a party with friends. It’s fun and you’re surrounded by some of your favorite tempting treats. You started your diet that morning with half a grapefruit and some cottage cheese and your tummy is rumbling. What do you do?

A) Fill half my plate with raw veggies and eat those first. If I’m still hungry after that, I’ll chose a favorite treat and savor it.

B) Chuck the diet for today and dig in to the buffet! I can always start tomorrow.

C) Get cross with my friends for inviting me to this party. After all, they knew I was starting this diet. Why do these things always happen to me?


You’re at the grocery store after work and are looking for something to cook for dinner. You see an old boyfriend/girlfriend there and it is clear they are on a date while you are still single. Your cart is full of broccoli and chicken breasts but you’re in front of the ice cream case. What do you do?

A) Shed a few tears if I feel like it. See if I can find a low-fat frozen yogurt or sorbet I like in a small container.

B) I do what any reasonable person would do. Buy 2 boxes of ice cream bars and go home to watch a chick flick or action flick and feel blue about it, wondering who their new love is.

C) Feel blue, why am I always alone? It’s not fair! I’ve just started this diet and now I have to see something that makes me feel crummy? Just the thing to have me headed for a tub of cookie dough ice cream


At work you’ve been given a big project to do. Your boss informed you this morning that your work is sub-standard and they want the completed project done much quicker than expected. Inside your desk drawer you have a bag of potato chips. What do you?

A) Take a walk at lunchtime to get rid of some of this stress. Everyone here is feeling the pressure with the new higher management team.

B) Go out at lunch and buy a bigger bag of potato chips. Eat both bags with lunch.

C) Why does the boss always pick on me? He’s such a cranky guy. Go ahead, eat the potato chips. Get a few bags on the way home.


Okay, let’s take a look at your score:

Mostly A’s: Your mind and attitude are focused on tackling the daily challenges dieters face. Not every day is easy and you’ve got to be prepared for some to not go your way and to still avoid temptation.

Mostly B’s: You are not making dieting a priority. Whether you are under too much stress, the timing is not right or you’ve got to complete an important task first, things are getting in your way. But one of the secrets to being a successful dieter is to managing your diet along with the bumps in the road.

Mostly C’s: You are eating to soothe your emotions. Perhaps some of the time you are sticking to your diet but under stressful times, you lose focus. To lose weight it would be helpful to learn what upsets you and to prepare for these situations as much as possible and come up with alternative ways to soothe yourself.

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